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There are three rooms with two, three and four beds with extra beds possible on the first floor of cottage U Fany.

Every room has it's own bathroom with WC, sink and shower, a kitchenette with fridge, dishes, cooker and kettle.

In the main floor, you'll find a common room for 12 people with bar, microwave and kettle.

Close to the outdoor seating there is a fireplace and a gril, you can use along with kitchenettes for your self catering. A market is 200 m away, a restaurant 400 m.

You can park your car on the property, lock your bikes inside or borrow a book from our small library.

Price for bed:295 CZK


Price per night:2500 CZK

*group prices are for all the three rooms (for two, three and four people, each with an extra bed possible)

In case of animal housing the price is negotiated - based on formula "as expensive as big". :-) If the given animal happens to be a camel, price is derived from the number of humps. :-)

Animals must be vaccinated and have all the necessary equipment with them including their bed (no exceptions for camels).

The extra bed can be provided after all the beds in the room are taken. Given prices are final.

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